A modest proposal: all Criminals are Evil

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

[Inspired by this, this and this.]

For too long have we been hoodwinked by lefty-liberal tripe about criminality. “Give restorative justice a chance”, “Criminals are sometimes victims too” and all that bollocks. It’s just appeasement. What do you do when you go down that road? Places like Norway where prison is a holiday camp and the incidence of violent crime far lower. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

We don’t need to wonder why criminals are disproportionately destitute, are disproportionately from a variety of less-than-great circumstances, or are disproportionately black. It’s no excuse after all. In the words of John Major, we all need to “understand a little less, and condemn a little more” (a line his wife no doubt took to heart post-Currie).  Few could accuse him of being a liberal (or anything substantial, really), but he doesn’t go far enough here. We should understand nothing and condemn absolutely. All criminals are evil.

What have criminals done? Something wrong! Who have they wronged? Their victims! It is not enough for victims to sympathized with and supported. All decisions of punishment should reside with them. The unflinching worship to their words given by the press, and the need of ministers to feel they need to be directly accountable to a high-profile victim for any leniency towards the perpetrator are but two baby-steps in the right direction.  The two millenia of legal tradition that victims shall not stand in judgement over their abusers stinks of pseudo-impartiality: we should be partial! To whom? Towards the victims (and our sometimes homicidal security services)! Would that all our law be vigilante justice by proxy.

We should never be partial towards the criminals. Not even the atavistic spittle-flinging diatribes of the tabloid press manage to convey exactly how much we should hate these people. Note our dear leader’s words on Raoul Moat: he deserves no sympathy whatsoever. So too the rest of the fuckers. We should be outraged whenever one of them wants to reform, and be disgusted any time a prisoner dares sue the justice system for breaking his human rights. Due process doesn’t apply to people we don’t like. To better inculcate our feeble liberal judicial system into this attitude, we need to revolutionize sentencing. There is no need of particular sentences for the guilty – nuance is the bane of self-righteous unreflective prejudice. The sentence, for any crime, need simply be hostis humani generis. Or, for the benefit of our tabloid readers, scum.

It is the tabloids we must turn to in the great crusade against evil. Following the successes of the war on drugs, we must have a war on criminals. Far from being revolted at their invective, we should praise them for their rectitude. We should gleefully offer up the putrefying corpse of social conscience to be gang-raped by the gutter press. We need an other, a group to be despised, to be considered beneath us, to be soiled as people. Niggers and faggots are out, so criminals it is. Why criminals? Because they’ve done something wrong! They are, literally, evil-doers, and thus they must be evil-be’ers too. The only alternative is clueless liberal appeasement. We need a group of people to hate as much as cat needs a scratching post, or our rapacious military-industrial complex needs a fake existential threat.

Brutality in prisons? Hear, hear! When has being kind to someone reformed their evil ways? We should brutalize them as they have brutalized our just and pure society by soiling it with their immorality. The forfeited any right to decent living when they committed their evil (as did those who had the effrontery to know or love them). “Life means life?” not far enough! Life should not just mean life, it should also mean death. This life unworthy of life are kept at our pleasure, and anything – that included – is a charity they don’t deserve. What more proof do we need than our revolving door prisons with a 60% reoffence rate (again higher than Norway, showing our criminals are particularly heinous). That’s not an argument to better rehabilitate them, but that they’re a lost cause. We should’ve locked them up even tighter in the first place!

We should be judgemental. Because we can judge these people, and judge them harshly, and judging them harshly pleasures our vindictiveness. Far from appealing to higher faculties, we should revel in the sentiment. After all, was it not Jesus himself who invited us to cast the first stone?


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